Engineering & Manufacturing

Engineering & Manufacturing

Our Curriculum Suite

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Level 1 Diploma in Performing Manufacturing Operations
Level 2 Diploma in Performing Manufacturing Operations

Level 1 Certificate in Warehousing & Storage
Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing & Storage Skills

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Engineering & Manufacturing Sector

Based on n-ergy’s experience, the Engineering & Manufacturing sector is welcoming of
ex-offenders. n-ergy’s qualification suite is customised to best equip individuals to secure employment in an industry, set to place the UK into the top five engineering and manufacturing countries by 2021 [Source The Manufacturer].

n-ergy’s high impact and engaging programmes are customised to meet the needs of learners, prisons and employers. They are tailored towards those new to the engineering and manufacturing sector, as well as those with prior industry experience.

n-ergy’s qualifications validate that learners have the appropriate credentials, personal, soft and practical skills for a role within the engineering and manufacturing industry. n-ergy’s qualifications enable individuals to become competitive in the employment market resulting in financial stability and an opportunity to reintegrate back into the community, therefore helping to reduce reoffending rates.

Career Opportunities

The sector offers many career opportunities for our learners on release in the following job roles: