Print Smart

We are pleased to inform you about the recent launch of an exciting new project called Print Smart at n-ergy; aimed at reducing the amount of paper used at Head Office in Bridgend.


We encourage all our employees to play their part in the protection of the environment and making cost-effective savings that can be reinvested into our business and employee incentives.

There will be various Print Smart initiatives taking place at Head Office over the coming months and we are sharing our monthly tips for ideas on saving paper in our weekly employee online newsletter, “soundbite”.

Here’s a taster of our most recent “Tips of the Month” for April and May that we have promoted to our colleagues.

1. Get to know your printer – print in draft mode for a lighter but still readable print. In the Print preview check if your document can fit on one page and highlight and print only the text you need rather than the whole document.

2. Paperless meetings – Ask yourself do you need to print off several copies of agendas and minutes?

Desta Omar, Compliance Manager at n-ergy said, “We are aiming to make significant reductions over a 12 month period and very excited about the positive impact and improvement this will make within our company”.

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