Retail & Commercial (including Customer Service)

Retail & Commercial (including Customer Service)

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Level 1 Certificate in Customer Service
Level 1 Certificate in Warehousing & Storage
Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing & Storage Skills

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Retail & Commercial Sector

Retail is a large and diverse sector with the types of retailer proportionate to the demands of local population. With the sector employing over 9.5% of the UK workforce across a vast number of job roles, it accounts for 5% of the value generated by the UK economy each year [source: ONS August 2018].

Job roles within this sector vary greatly, ranging from customer facing sales personnel on the shop floor or serving in the store cafes or restaurants, to ones based in the kitchens and warehouse. Employment opportunities can found in: contact centres, IT, marketing, HR, finance, online retail, cleaning, distribution, logistics and supply chain. Employment in the retail sector in the UK was 2.8 million in 2017 with regional statistics shown in the table below [source: ONS Business Register & Employment survey, 2018].

n-ergy has supported ex-offenders gain employment within household known retailers, food chains and outlets, laundry and cleaning companies alongside manufacturing, rail, driving, warehousing and distribution centres.

Career Opportunities

The sector offers many career opportunities for our learners on release in the following job roles: