Learner Testimonials

To create exceptional learning and development opportunities to help our candidates achieve their goals and aspirations.

Learner Testimonials

At n-ergy, we are passionate advocates of giving ex-offenders a second chance.  Our over-arching aim is to ensure that all n-ergy’s learners achieve a qualification that meets both their personal learning objectives and employment goals on release.

We are therefore delighted that our provision is receiving consistent positive feedback from our learners, who complete Learner Exit Interview Forms on completion of their qualification. It is especially rewarding also to receive personally written testimonials from learners about their learner journey and the praise given to n-ergy’s Training Advisors who all go the extra mile every day to support our learners.

Here are some of the positive comments and learner testimonials that we would like to share with you:

A handwritten letter from a learner at HMP Bullingdon

June 2024

From various prisons across the UK

“I enrolled to gain the knowledge to help the men in the workshop who will go on to the course in the future. I reflected on my paperwork and displays in my information board. I enjoyed being able to help my men as they began the course as I was at the end of it. The Trainer was easy to talk to and precise with paperwork.”

“I enrolled to be kept busy and to open doors. I learnt some health and safety and production techniques, and confidence to do a job without a substance. I enjoyed the chats with the Assessor and it has opened my eyes to other opportunities.”

“I enrolled to learn about my working environment and safety. How to work, better myself and to get a qualification. I learnt to better work safely and am more observant around my working area and other departments. I enjoyed learning all aspects of the course. The Tutors were very helpful with my questions and were to hand to ask.”

“I enrolled to get me more qualified. I learnt about health and safety and how a production line works. I enjoyed learning new things. Thanks for giving me the chance to do the course.”

“I enrolled to help me obtain future employment. I learnt how to work more effectively in a warehouse environment. I enjoyed the varying work – different tasks during the day. Good instruction and helpful feedback.”

“I enrolled to help me when applying for work when out in the community. It helped me better my existing skills. I enjoyed the practical aspects. It was good. I was able to work normally whilst under observation.”

“I enrolled as I wanted to be able to gain a qualification so it improves my chances for getting employment when I get released. I learnt that I can understand the importance of health and safety. I like being able to identify what risks and hazards are. It was easy to understand.”

“I enrolled to gain more qualifications for future employment. I learnt the understanding of health and safety and working well as a team. I enjoyed learning different aspects of a workplace. I would like to do any other courses in the future.”

“I enrolled to better my employment potential and to be a safer and more efficient employee. I learnt the importance of safety at work, documentation in the event of an accident and appreciation for responsibility of HSE. I enjoyed the positive reinforcement, scope to further my knowledge and qualification in health and safety.”

“I enrolled to better myself and ensure the skills I was learning about meant something and stayed in my mind. I have a better understanding of the operations behind the scenes in manufacturing. I enjoyed testing my knowledge I learned through work.”