Learner Testimonials

To create exceptional learning and development opportunities to help our candidates achieve their goals and aspirations.

Learner Testimonials

At n-ergy, we are passionate advocates of giving ex-offenders a second chance.  Our over-arching aim is to ensure that all n-ergy’s learners achieve a qualification that meets both their personal learning objectives and employment goals on release.

We are therefore delighted that our provision is receiving consistent positive feedback from our learners, who complete Learner Exit Interview Forms on completion of their qualification. It is especially rewarding also to receive personally written testimonials from learners about their learner journey and the praise given to n-ergy’s Training Advisors who all go the extra mile every day to support our learners.

Here are some of the positive comments and learner testimonials that we would like to share with you:

December 2019 – Feedback from learners in a prison in the North West on completion of their” Practical Cleaning Practical Cleaning Skills (bodily fluids, spillages and hazardous waste)- WAMITAB” qualification.

 “I wish to thank my n-ergy assessor for his teaching and his knowledge in bio-training I found him to be very professional and easy to understand.

“Thank you for a great course, I really enjoyed it and you delivered it to a high standard.”

“Thank you for everything, I was worried about doing this course but you put my mind at ease and delivered the course in a way I could follow.”

December 2019 – Cuisine Skill short-course feedback comments 

Excellent learner feedback received from this one-day short-course and this time, the seasonal menu was Christmas themed.

“It was excellent learning a course that I can use again when I’m released”
“Able to make gravy from scratch”
“I learnt a lot of new and exciting things I didn’t know”
“Well structured, entertaining and informative”

November 2019 – RTITB Fork-Lift Truck feedback comments:

The  RTITB FLT courses continue to be popular with learners and here is some of the feedback received:

“The Instructor is really helpful and supportive.”
“Very helpful and professional Instructor.”
“Very helpful and informative Instructor.”

October 2019
Learner Voice Feedback

Very friendly and enthusiastic instructor. Full of enthusiasm and knowledge. Made the experience very enjoyable.”
“Couldn’t fault the Instructor. Very professional and answered any questions I had during the entire course. Very pleased!”
“The course was very good and I enjoyed every minute.”
“I felt at ease with the Instructor and his method of teaching was very good.”
“I enjoyed learning about the different styles of development and how to deal with team problems.”
“I had a great Assessor who was helpful and patient, gave loads of support.”
“I enjoyed expressing my knowledge in warehousing and gaining the qualification.”
“I did this qualification to help me get a job. I learnt how to properly conduct myself in a workshop environment. I enjoyed the writing. I’m glad I participated in the course.” 
“I enjoyed getting back in to learning.”

October 2019 – Cuisine Skill short-course feedback comments 

100% of the learners rated the course as excellent! 

Here is some of their feedback with regard to one of the questions on the feedback form:

What did you enjoy most about the course? 

  • Working with the group and alone. Atmosphere was excellent.
  • Making panna cotta as I have always wanted to know how to make it.
  • Learning about the main sauces in Italian cuisine and putting one into practice.
  • It was good to cook a meal again.
  • The way the instructor explained what you needed at each stage when making the meal.

July and August 2019
Learner Voice Feedback

Reasons for enrolling with n-ergy?
“To enhance my possibilities on achieving employment”
“To help progress my career”
“I’ve always wanted to do a team leading qualification to do this was the perfect opportunity”
“To learn and gain a new qualification which could better my future employment.”
“To widen my skill-set ready for release.”
“I wanted to gain a recognised qualification.”
“To progress myself in my workplace and give me new skills.”
“I enjoy the challenge of learning new skills.”

What did you learn?
“If I apply myself, I can achieve anything I set out to do”
“A must more professional approach to modern team leading”
“Things I can improve on and the right way to do things in the workshop”
“The different forms of mentoring and managing team dynamics.”

“Many new ways to adapt and motivate teams and how to effectively lead.”
“Better understanding of COSHH.”
“I’ve learnt I can be a better employee for completing this qualification.”

What did you enjoy the most?
“Everything about the course was enjoyable”
“Learning about a new potential employment road for the future”
“Completing the workbooks”
“The interaction from my Assessor, she has very good communication skills.”
“I enjoyed the team leading booklet the most because I feel that it has helped me to understand challenging situations.”
“I enjoyed learning new skills that I will use upon my release.”
“I enjoyed the training and feedback I was given.”
“The support I received from my Assessor.”

April 2019 
Learner Voice Feedback

“Excellent – The n-ergy Assessor encouraged me and treated me with respect which meant a lot to me, thanks! I enjoyed going through the books supported by my Assessor, thanks to him!”
“Excellent – The Assessor explained everything well and made me feel part of the team.”
“Excellent – The course is run excellently and my n-ergy Assessor is a good instructor.”
“Excellent – It has been really positive and has helped me. I have learnt loads!”
“Excellent – The help I was given was amazing, I understood everything we went through.”

“100% of our learners agreed or strongly agreed their course has helped them to become more employable”  Click here read more.

March 2019
Learner Voice Feedback

“Excellent – offer a good choice of courses. Overall a great help to me progressing my career.”
“Helpful and friendly towards me, good knowledge and very understanding. Would recommend everyone to do this course.”

December 2018
Learner Voice Feedback

“Excellent qualification. Very helpful and supportive Assessor.”
“My Assessor was accessible and easy to talk to and helped me to understand the course.”
“Excellent course! It really did help me. My Assessor was great to work with.”
“Excellent course as my Assessor supported me and gave me excellent advice and gave time to reassure me. Thank you to everyone that has helped me and I will be able to use my new skills in the future.”

“100% of our learners agreed or strongly agreed that they had enjoyed their course”
100% of our learners agreed or strongly agreed they felt respected and supported throughout their course and was provided with feedback to help them improve”
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December 2018 – Feedback from a Learner at G4S Parc Prison who has achieved three vocational qualifications with n-ergy:

Food & Beverage (QCF/NVQ Level 1), and Customer Service (BTEC Level 1) and Cleaning & Support Services (QCF/NVQ Level 2)

This, Mr D states, “he flew through due to the invaluable help with the Customer Service qualification and everything he has learnt and been supported with.” Mr D also said that, “all of these qualifications are a good stepping stone for employment on release.”

March 2018 –  Feedback from one of our learners in a South West prison who has recently completed his QCF/NVQ qualification in Manufacturing Sewn Products  Level 2.

“The NVQ itself is well worth pursuing. It has the ability to change career paths and open new doors!”