Learner Testimonials

To create exceptional learning and development opportunities to help our candidates achieve their goals and aspirations.

Learner Testimonials

At n-ergy, we are passionate advocates of giving ex-offenders a second chance.  Our over-arching aim is to ensure that all n-ergy’s learners achieve a qualification that meets both their personal learning objectives and employment goals on release.

We are therefore delighted that our provision is receiving consistent positive feedback from our learners, who complete Learner Exit Interview Forms on completion of their qualification. It is especially rewarding also to receive personally written testimonials from learners about their learner journey and the praise given to n-ergy’s Training Advisors who all go the extra mile every day to support our learners.

Here are some of the positive comments and learner testimonials that we would like to share with you:

A handwritten letter from a learner at HMP Bullingdon

September 2022

From various prisons across the UK

“I enrolled to give myself an advantage when possibly looking for future work. A learnt a variety of information from how to work in line with health and safety regulations to operating equipment safely. I enjoyed filling in the paperwork.”

“I enrolled new skills and to not waste my time while being in prison. I learnt how to clean, mathematical equations and better communication skills. I enjoyed the practical work. I enjoyed my time on this course. I made some new pals and gained a professional understanding on cleaning.”

“I enrolled to enhance my role and to be a positive member of the team. I learnt to stop and look at our role as a whole and break it down in to small pieces. I enjoyed learning so much in a short space of time. Thank you for the opportunity.”

“I enrolled to gain a qualification in horticulture. I learnt a lot from cutting grass, pruning, weeding, planting. All these will give me the skills to get a job when I leave prison. I enjoyed learning the skills I needed. I would like to thank my Training Advisor for helping me to do this course. Thank you.”

August 2022

From various prisons across the UK

“I enrolled to learn and get a recognised qualification in industrial cleaning. I learnt how to do the job properly. I enjoyed learning how to use the equipment properly and safe. Many thanks to my Training Advisor. Really helped by explaining everything in great detail how to use the stuff safely and properly which will stay with me should I choose to pursue a career from this.”

“I enrolled to improve my chances of finding employment upon release. I have a better understanding within a warehouse environment. I enjoy educating myself. The course was fun and easy to do.”

“I enrolled to gain an NVQ, maybe work in horticulture on release. I learnt how to use the machines and tools correctly. I enjoyed getting to know my Training Advisor. Thank you for your time here.”

“The main reason I enrolled on to the qualification was to gain new skills and knowledge, and to help my future employment. What I have learnt from doing this qualification is how having a better and more in-depth knowledge of warehousing. I enjoyed the course, I could relate the questions to my currrent work. I would recommend this course to others who want their qualification in warehousing.”

July 2022

From our forklift truck courses across England

“Amazing, the best teacher!”

“No improvement needed, brilliant instructor.”

“My Assessor was very clear and informative. Made lessons easier to follow.”

“Thanks to my Instructor for making me feel comfortable and helping me balance out my confidence. Really think an Instructor could not have been better.”

“Very well explained and couldn’t fault the patience on the overall training and experience. Hope to be confident to start work ASAP.”

“I would like to thank my Instructor for my training he has given me and explaining everything in an easy way. Thank you very much.”

“Very well-run with clear explanation. Great Instructor that made sure we knew everything we needed to and were extremely helpful. Thank you.”

June 2022

From various prisons across the UK

“I have a better understanding of company procedures and policies. I really enjoyed discussing the qualification.”

“The course confirmed that I knew all of the procedures and health and safety surrounding my job. I enjoyed the feeling that I am making progress with the qualification.”

“I enrolled because I wanted to learn how to work with horticulture skills. I learnt mowing and how to do it safely. I enjoyed the practical side of horticulture. Thank you to everyone for this opportunity.”

“I enrolled to get a qualification, very interested in gardening. I learnt about horticulture skills and how to use gardening equipment. I enjoyed the practical work. My Training Advisor was very helpful.”