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Our Commitment to our stakeholders is second to none. From our people to your people, we deliver what we promise.

CEO Message

Dear all

After many years of n-ergy’s demonstrable success within offender learning, I feel privileged to lead a vibrant and morally respectful organisation, one that offers life-changing opportunities for individuals in custody. With hard work, dedication and commitment from everyone at n-ergy, the company has built an excellent reputation as a specialist training provider that delivers a seamless service from custody into the community through vocational training, short courses, employability support, specialist recruitment service and aftercare.

I am immensely proud of our caring, inclusive culture at n-ergy, where we set the highest standards and expectations of ourselves to achieve the very best for all our stakeholder groups. I believe receiving support from n-ergy makes a real difference to individuals while in custody and on release.

This is achieved by the quality of the team, who are: Outgoing, vibrant, have BIG personalities, are non-judgemental, are open minded, have a good senses of humour, are approachable, determined to make a difference, accepting of diversification, results driven, learner centric and most of all, love the work they do.

Over the last few years, the offender reform sector has and is still, undergoing rapid and significant change, therefore, I believe it is even more important than ever that the service we provide is customised to meet and exceed our clients’ requirements in terms of quality, delivery and performance.

n-ergy’s seamless service remains unique through our competitively structured and customised curriculum that meet the needs of each prison, the learners and employers. In particular, our Learners not only have the opportunity to achieve nationally recognised vocational qualifications, they receive sector and job role specific short courses (accredited & non-accredited) and employment support, making them job ready on release.

If you are keen to hear more about the benefits of partnering with n-ergy, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the seamless service n-ergy deliver, which results in a high quality, high performance provision.

Donna Turner-Kot
Chief Executive

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