Customer Feedback is top of n-ergy’s Agenda!

At n-ergy, we are committed to continuous improvement and strive for excellence in all that we do. This is reflected clearly in the excellent monthly feedback we receive from our learners. In fact, our recent Learner Voice feedback is more qualitative than ever before. This, we believe, is due to placing customer feedback at the top of our agenda!

We set ourselves high standards in terms of our provision to our learners. We monitor and evaluate our performance regularly, by asking all n-ergy learners to complete a Learner Exit Interview form upon completion of a qualification.  All Learner Voice feedback is shared with our all stakeholder groups on a regular basis.

The n-ergy Learner Exit Form has been reviewed and updated recently. In addition to the existing scoring section, which provides an effective measurement tool for monthly statistics and identifies opportunities for improvements, three new questions have been added to the feedback form as follows:

1. What were your reasons for enrolling on to your qualification?
2. What did you learn from completing this qualification?
3. What did you enjoy the most?

Plus a section for any further comments the learner would like to add.

Since the introduction of the newly updated feedback form, we can share with you the qualitative feedback received over the last couple of months, as noted below:

Reasons for enrolling with n-ergy?
“To enhance my possibilities on achieving employment”
“To help progress my career”
“I’ve always wanted to do a team leading qualification and to do this was the perfect opportunity”
“To learn and gain a new qualification which could better my future employment.”
“To widen my skill-set ready for release.”
“I wanted to gain a recognised qualification.”
“To progress myself in my workplace and give me new skills.”
“I enjoy the challenge of learning new skills.”

What did you learn?
“If I apply myself, I can achieve anything I set out to do”
“A professional approach to modern team leading”
“Things I can improve on and the right way to do things in the workshop”
“The different forms of mentoring and managing team dynamics.”
“Many new ways to adapt and motivate teams and how to effectively lead.”
“Better understanding of COSHH.”
“I’ve learnt I can be a better employee for completing this qualification.”

What did you enjoy the most?
“Everything about the course was enjoyable”
“Learning about a new potential employment road for the future”
“Completing the workbooks”
“The interaction from my Assessor, she has very good communication skills.”
“I enjoyed the team leading booklet the most because I feel that it has helped me to understand challenging situations.”
“I enjoyed learning new skills that I will use upon my release.”
“I enjoyed the training and feedback I was given.”
“The support I received from my Assessor.”

Additional Comments!
“The course is a great opportunity for anyone!”
I was very well supported throughout the course. Thank you!”
“My Assessor kept me motivated at all times. Thank you!”
“My Assessor has been very helpful and understanding.”
“Very good qualification to do and very interesting.”
“I really enjoyed the course and I’m looking forward to the level two.”
“Thank you for helping me with the course and giving me the belief that I could do it.”

Our over-arching aim is to ensure all n-ergy’s learners achieve a qualification that meets both their personal learning objectives and employment goals on release. Therefore, we are delighted our provision is receiving consistent positive feedback from our learners and this includes praise and appreciative comments about the information, advice and guidance and overall support provided by our dedicated Assessors.

n-ergy employees go the extra mile every day to support our learners. This is just one of our company’s key strengths and USPs and we are delighted that our customers think so too!

Company value: Going the Extra Mile. Our aim is to overachieve and add value wherever possible. Exceeding our customers’ expectation is our mantra.

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