n-ergy’s 2018 Prison Satisfaction Survey

n-ergy’s 2018 Prison Satisfaction Survey provided excellent feedback about our employees and delivery model, cementing the knowledge that n-ergy provision is not only recognised as 100% good or above, but also as an integral part of prison education delivery.

We are very pleased that this year’s annual survey, issued in Spring 2018, received our highest ever response rate at 82%. Of the measurable responses within our survey, we are delighted to share with you some of the highlights as noted below:


The feedback provided in our 2018 survey will be included in our annual Self-Assessment Report (SAR), which provides a benchmark of achievement and assists in driving continual improvement in service delivery and success rates.

We are committed to delivering a first class service to our customers.  Our qualifications are nationally recognised, accredited by Pearson and linked to local labour market requirements.

Here are some of the comments from our survey respondees:

 “We have a longstanding working relationship with n-ergy. This has allowed us to build excellent working relations and a strong level of trust. All n-ergy staff are professional and helpful at all times.”

“These qualifications contribute to our service delivery targets. Also helps to keep us up to date with new qualifications to meet skills shortages and local labour market.”

“n-ergy have always been quick to adapt to the needs of the establishment and the needs of the prison and offenders is met.”

“The courses are a very good fit with the employment offered at this prison.”

“The services provided fit the prisoner group needs analysis. The services help to improve opportunities for employment on release.”

“A really good service with professional and diligent staff and management – thank you.”


Company Value: Commitment

Our commitment to all stakeholders is second to none.  From our people to your people, we deliver what we promise. 

We thank all of our stakeholders for their valued feedback


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