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1486: HS-18 Headset Receivers - A good set of the standard AAF receivers, often seen used in conjunction with the 50 Mission Crusher cap and dating from WW11. Military t shirts are the one piece of clothing of which you can never have too many. Bring out your personality in graphic, logo and colored mens t shirts

Many current posters from helmet manufacturers do not feature a "wear your helmet" theme how to get a shy guy to hook up with you but the shots of heroes in their helmets carry a message. The enclosed helmet would have been worn over a mail coif, with additional padding circling the head to cushion the helmet and help absorb the force of any ... At JC Militaria we stock a wide range of police items. As with all items purchased we guarantee 100% satisfaction We specialize in high quality vintage diving helmets, knives and paraphernalia to appeal to the most discerning collector. We offer ... Mountain biking 10 Best Bike Helmets (For Every Kind of Ride) Because a helmet isn't just a helmet. It's an insurance policy against your need for adventure. At the outbreak of World War I, none of the combatants provided steel helmets to their troops. Soldiers of most nations went into battle wearing cloth ...

A & C Militaria: Military items from WW1 and WW2 dating on demand mr whiskers as well as most other major conflicts, from badges, patches and buttons to headdress, bayonets, equipment ... Everything below here was added before we began dating the stories. We began this page in 1997. My daughter was hit by a car on her bike. She wound up with ...
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